Welcome to Frösvidal!

Production of ready-made lawns

Our main business is the production of ready-made lawns that we sell all over the country.

We have different blends of sod designed for different customers – golf courses, parks, football fields and gardens. The ready lawns are easy to deploy and can withstand direct use. The rest of the land is used for growing more common farming crops such as wheat, barley and oats.

At Frösvidal, there is also a modern horse training facility with an indoor arena and outdoor practicing grounds with different footings. We also have cross country fences. To complete the horse offer, we sell hay that is grown, harvested and dried especially for horses.

The barn, that used to be occupied by dairy cows, is now the home of some 300 beef cattle. In the surrounding pastures and the English park that embed the manor, a herd of 14 Highland Cattle and some cross breed, are grazing all year round.

The largest part of the estates is woodlands with a production oriented, modern silviculture.

Frösvidal holds twelve year-round residents and a few summer homes. We also offer bed & breakfast for shorter stays. The old storehouse now hosts a little country store where you can buy gifts and decorations.